Win One Of Three Lego Batman: The Videogame PSP Packs

Win One Of Three Lego Batman: The Videogame PSP Packs

Lego Batman.jpgNa-na-na-na Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na, Batman! Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na Na-na-na-na, Batman!

With The Dark Knight now officially one of the biggest movies in the history of mankind, Batman has firmly been brought back into public eye. And so what better way to celebrate it than by returning it to its camp, 60s TV show roots and combining it with Lego?

The Lego Batman video game is coming out soon on all the major consoles and handhelds, and considering how much we love both Lego and Batman, this has the opportunity to become the favourite game in Gizmodoland.

While our brothers from Kotaku generally get all the cool gaming stuff, we’ve somehow convinced the guys at Warner Interactive to give us three copies of the game to give away. Not only that, they’ll come with three brand-spanking-new PSPs to play them on.

To enter, we’re going to need a little creativity from you. We want you to write a song chorus which uses the words “Giz”, “Lego” and “Batman” somewhere in the lyrics. It would also help if you can tell us the tune to which your song should be sung.

Pop your entries in comments. The best three entries will be judged next weekend with an announcement made next Monday.