Telstra Slowly Approaching Pricing Everyone Can Afford. Slowly.

It's no big secret - Telstra charges obscenely high amounts for access to their data network, either through BigPond or NextG. But the wind is changing - although it's the slightest puff of a breeze that's moving very, very slowly.

Their latest pricing update brings more data to their wireless BigPond offerings. Telstra spokesman, Peter Taylor, sent us this info:

"For customers wanting to sample BigPond Wireless Broadband, or only use it occasionally, there is a new, entry-level plan of $29.95 for 200MB on a 12 month plan.

"For heavy users, we've increased the 3GB plan to 5GB for the same price making it $89.95 per month on a 12 month plan. And, if customers hit 5GB, we've removed excess usage fees and instead will shape the service to 64kbps.

"We've also removed the excess usage charges for our 10GB plans so our high-usage customers have greater control over how much they spend each month and once they reach their usage allowance their plan is simply shaped to 64kbps."

The change to get rid of excess charges and instead shaping speeds is a great one from Telstra, especially considering how high the charges were per MB. Still, we'd like to see them take that new 5GB plan and move it up to at least 10GB for the same price, which would actually make BigPond's wireless plans an attractive option for people who need their internet on the go.


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