Sudio Vogue: Strike A Pose With Your Bluetooth Carkit

Sudio_Vogue_x_4_colours_(2).jpgBluetooth carkits aren't exactly what we'd call exciting. They all do the same thing - connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you make and receive handsfree calls. Some of them even let you make calls using your voice.

The Sudio Vogue's claim to fame is that it's Australia's first "coloured" Bluetooth handsfree speakerphone.It comes in a range of colours, including metallic blue, pink, black and white. You get 10 hours worth of talk time and 480 hours standby on a single charge, plus regular call features like one touch answer, call waiting, last number redial mute and call reject.

Like I said: Exciting.

Still, even though it's not the most riveting product, it's priced well at just $89. And sometimes the cheap and useful products that come in a range of colours are the best ones. Sometimes.

[Force Technology]

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