Sony’s XBR LCD TVs Finally Hit Shelves

Sony’s XBR LCD TVs Finally Hit Shelves

ImageYou know that Sony LCD TV from yesterday that CNet claimed was the best LCD ever? Well, the Australian models from the same XBR family have just arrived in stores. They’re not exactly the same on the inside, but the key technologies are the same.

We get three different screen sizes here in Australia, starting at $3,999 for the 40-inch model, $6,999 for the 46-incher and a whopping $9,999 for 55 inches of Sony Bravia XBR goodness. That may seem pricey, but hey – the world is going into a recession…

The full release is below the fold, but we should also point out that the 40-inch model doesn’t include the RGB dynamic LED backlight and MotionFlow 100Hz Pro technologies. Probably why it’s so cheap much cheaper than the 46-inch.

Sony announces availability of its BRAVIA XBR series LCD TV –
the pinnacle of premium picture quality
RGB Dynamic LED backlight technology hits Australian retail stores

Sydney – 20 October, 2008 – Sony Australia has announced the availability of its premium BRAVIA LCD TV range – the XBR series. Hitting Australian stores this week, the energy-efficient XBR series includes RGB Dynamic LED backlight technology, BRAVIA Engine 2 PRO, Sony’s latest high quality picture processing technology and Motionflow 100Hz PRO.

“The XBR series is a new, distinct benchmark in premium picture quality and design,” said Jan Ergen, Product Manager for BRAVIA at Sony Australia. “The next series of Sony’s high-end XBR range of LCD TVs delivers deeper blacks thanks to 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and the most realistic colour reproduction thanks to RGB Dynamic LED backlight technology. We are the only manufacturer to bring this technology to market here in Australia.”

“The XBR series demonstrates our ongoing innovation in the TV space. Sony’s unique RGB Dynamic LED backlight technology delivers industry-leading levels of colour and contrast reproduction – significantly superior to other LCD backlight technologies including CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) and white LED backlight,” said Ergen.

A true cinematic experience demands rich colours and true, deep blacks. For the first time ever, 46-inch and 55-inch series models feature an energy-efficient RGB Dynamic LED backlight that utilises local dimming technology which momentarily dims in dark areas of the picture, reducing light leakage for enhanced contrast and deeper blacks.

Sony’s unique RGB Dynamic LED backlight technology dramatically expands the TV’s colour range by aligning individual clusters of red, green and blue LEDs, significantly elevating colour purity compared to traditional single white LED backlights.

Additionally, the series offers the new improved Advanced Contrast Enhancer ACE technology, which features Sony’s own algorithm for local dimming and improves contrast and dynamic range by controlling the LED backlight level by area, so that detail is maintained in the dark areas while other areas are driven near peak brightness. Rounding out the picture enhancement suite in the XBR series is x.v.Colour compatibility.

Also included in the feature set is Digital Media Port compatibility, which provides access to video and music from portable media devices like compatible Walkman and iPod players and other Digital Media Port accessories, which are sold separately. The models can also display digital photos using creative multi-plane 3D graphics slideshow from USB devices.

Sony is committed to developing products that are ready to take advantage of emerging trends. This is why all new BRAVIA LCD TVs are DLNA certified (Digital Living Network Alliance), allowing them to be seamlessly networked with other DLNA certified devices within the home, such as VAIO PCs and the GIGA JUKE audio device. Once connected in this way, the TVs can be used to enjoy digital pictures and music stored on a PC elsewhere in the house.

Ease-of-use is critical to the enjoyment of using a new BRAVIA LCD TV. Sony’s XBR series is now easier to use than ever before with the incorporation of XMBTM (Xross Media Bar) technology. XMBTM allows simple navigation through all TV functions, providing a logical and fast way to access set up menus, user controls and more.