Red Xbox 360 Controller Reminds Us Of RRoD

Xbox360_Red_controller.jpgLet's do a little word association game, shall we? You know - I'll say a word or a phrase, and you say the first thing that pops into your head. Okay, let's go: Red Xbox controller...


Did you say Red Ring Of Death? So did I. Which is weird, because the two have very little to do with eachother. In reality, Microsoft's new red Xbox 360 controller is exactly the same as all the other (official) Xbox 360 controllers on the market, except it's red. Oh, and it comes with a Play and Charge cable and a red rechargeable battery, which gives about 25 hours worth of gameplay per charge.

The red controller hits stores November 7, which is the same day as Gears of War 2. I wonder if they wanted it to remind you of blood? In any case, it'll set you back $99.95 RRP.


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