Radio Station 2UE Becomes 2U-Wii - Get it?

2UWii_10-600x400.jpgNintendo's marketing strategy seems to be a it... strange. They seem to be completely ignoring, you know, gamers, and going for a generation of older, non-gaming people. I mean, I know the Wii is fun for all ages, but who knows how much cash must have changed hands for radio station 2UE to actually change their name to 2U-Wii for three weeks. It's not just a gimmick either - their website has been overrun with the new 2U-Wii logo and the radio DJs are presented as Miis pretty much everywhere except for photos online.

The worst part is that they're actually giving away $20K worth of Nintendo gear. Even though the Wii gets older people to play games, do they ever pull it out once the initial enjoyment of Wii Sports has worn off? No. Of course, neither do most of us, I guess, so my argument seems to have a glaring hole in it.

Oh well, carry on Nintendo. Can't wait until you decide to fork over craploads of cash to CBS in the US to create half a dozen episodes of DSi: Miami, where victims are bludgeoned to death with Wiimotes...


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