Quantum Code: Recapping The Clues

Quantum Code: Recapping The Clues

If you’ve been following the trials and tribulations of Constance Newlove and the quest to crack the Quantum Code, then you’re probably already aware that tomorrow she’ll be personally delivering the final Clue at Midday at World Square in Sydney. You’ll definitely need to be there in person if you want your shot at the prize – the final clue won’t be available to anybody other than the people at Sony Central tomorrow.

If you haven’t been trying to crack the clues, it’s not to late for you to start. You can track down the video mission briefings online, look for Constance’s profile and hit the Quantum Central forums to find someone else to help you along your way.

And if you’re not based in Sydney, remember that the Quantum Central Forums contain people from Sydney that you can partner with to win the prize. How you split the booty is up to you.

A recap of the first three clues is below the fold. We’ll recap other three clues later this afternoon…
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When MI6 agent Constance Newlove uncovered hidden security camera footage, she got more than she bargained for. After learning of the abduction of her colleague, Walter Davies, Constance found reference to a phone number, a company named Transnational Exports, and a shipping manifest.

While tracing the location of the locked safe, Constance uncovered a strange set of numbers, discovered by Her Majesty’s Satellite RAVEN. Could they be a lead to the second part of the Quantum Code?

The capture of arms dealer Lubomir Sinilov by authorities in Sydney, Australia, resulted in the discovery of a mysterious text message sent by a man named Browne. It contained one word – Doberman.