Optus Offering Emergency Credit For Pre-Paid Customers

Optus Offering Emergency Credit For Pre-Paid Customers

emergency phone.jpgThe days of being asked whether some dodgy looking stranger can use my mobile to send a text message because they’ve run out of credit are finally numbered. Optus has today announced their emergency credit service, which will let their prepaid customers borrow $3 worth of credit by texting ‘IOU’ to 468. The money will automatically be deducted from their account the next time they recharge their account. This is an awesome service, if only because it means I don’t have to fear for my life the next time I tell that massive bogan wanting my phone, “no”.


Optus launches Australian Pre-Paid Mobile First – IOU Credit

Optus announced today a new Pre-Paid Mobile feature that will enable Optus Pre-Paid Mobile customers who run out of credit, when they need to make an urgent phone call or text, the chance to borrow $3 by simply texting IOU to 468 (IOU) – a FREE text.

Optus Pre-Paid IOU Credit, an Australian first, is designed to provide a solution for Pre-Paid customers who hate the inconvenience of running out of credit at untimely moments. When customers next re-charge they will automatically reimburse Optus from their account.

The service will be available to all existing and new Pre-Paid Mobile Optus customers across all rate plans.

Michael Smith, Optus Corporate and Consumer Group Marketing Director said, “This is another example of Optus offering innovative solutions for its customers. Research shows us that customers feel confident using Pre-Paid mobile as a way to control spending, however they do not like running out of credit. Optus IOU Credit means customers will not be caught short when they need to make important calls.”

Optus is a leader in the Australian Pre-Paid market with over 3.9 million Pre-Paid mobile customers* and has a reputation of offering customers value, recently launching ‘Recharge and Always Win’ which guarantees a prize for all customers who recharge with $30 or more.

To find out more about the IOU product visit www.optus.com.au/ioucredit