Next Week One Of You Will Own This TV

LG TV Boxed.jpgSee that TV above? It's a brand new, 42-inch LCD from LG. And next week, one of you will own it.

See, This week, I'm going to take it out of its box and review it here on Giz. Then, once I'm done, I'm going to box it back up and we're going to hold a little competition. Something tough. You guys are going to enter, and one of you will walk away with the prize - a new LCD TV.

What I want from you guys in the meantime is a few ideas on what we should do for this competition. Don't bother saying "just give it to me", either - that just means you won't win when it comes to the crunch. Let your creative juices run free and let me know what you reckon in comments.

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