Maxon Visimax Projector Is Freakin’ Tiny!

Maxon Visimax Projector Is Freakin’ Tiny!

Viximax_Angle 2.jpgThe name Maxon Electronics probably doesn’t mean too much to most of you, but that doesn’t mean you haven’t seen their stuff. They’re an Australian company with a history in two-way radios (exciting) and digital modems – they provide Telstra and BigPond over 400,000 of their wireless NextG modems.

But their most recent product – the Visimax portable projector – is the start for bigger and better things for the company. The projector itself is tiny – it happily fits into the palm of your hand (it measures in at 27 x 58 x 60mm) and weighs just 120 grams. Yet it can throw a picture up to 60 inches in size without blinking its little LED powered eye.

It has a VGA resolution, 15 lumens worth of brightness, a contrast ratio of 200:1 and a manual focus dial. There’s a mono speaker on board, but you can output stereo sound via the headphone port or the composite video cable that comes in the box.
Also in the box is a tripod and a lower vertical stand, a D-Sub 15 pin cable for the business folk who want to use this as a work tool (as opposed to watching movies from their iPod on a bigger screen), composite cables, a power adaptor and a carry case. You get 30 minutes worth of power from the included battery too.

We’ve got a unit here that we’ll be playing with over the next week or so, but if you can’t wait for our review and must own one for yourself right now, you can pick them up for $594 on Maxon’s website.