Jabra's New Bluetooth Headset Lets You Talk 70 Metres Away

M5390_w_dongle_1.jpgRather than be disappointed by the paltry 10 metre range most Bluetooth headsets offer, I quite like it. Why? Because it means I never leave my phone behind. Walking 70 metres away from my phone, like the new M5390 headset from Jabra allows, means that I'll probably end up leaving my mobile on my desk or in my car whenever I go anywhere.

Fortunately, the M5390 also offers the ability to connect to a couple of devices at the same time, like a PC or office phone, without being a double douche. And with six hours talktime, 60 hours standby, and weighing just 18 grams, you get twice as much connectivity without sacrificing too much. It costs $389.

M5390 Multiuse First Bluetooth Headset Providing 70 Metres of Wireless Range

The Jabra M5390 connects seamlessly to desk phones, IP telephony and mobile phones

Sydney (October 2008) - GN Jabra, the world leader in innovative headset solutions, launched the M5390, a Bluetooth headset that can simultaneously connect to two communications devices such as a mobile phone, a desk phone or a PC softphone, giving users the flexibility and freedom to use one simple headset.

The M5390 is breaking new ground by providing users with a range of 70 metres, which enables users to walk freely in and around the office and still be in contact. It is ideal for busy office-based professionals who use several forms of communications but want to avoid the hassle of using multiple devices.

"On the go professionals are demanding further mobility within their working environment to perform more effectively and efficiently," explained Victor Guerrero, Regional Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand. "With a multiuse headset, users have more freedom to move inside and outside the office, they save time on swapping between different devices which increases productivity and mobility."

It is designed with the office user in mind and guarantees clear and concise audio quality thanks to the inbuilt DSP noise canceling technology. It also features the eSCO Bluetooth audio link, wideband sound and the extended boom arm, which places the microphone closer to the user's mouth.

Through the accompanying Jabra A335w Bluetooth Dongle, the M5390 works plug-and-play with a wide range of PC-based softphones such as Microsoft Communicator 2007, Cisco and Skype. The M5390 is also compatible with most desk phone systems and can instantly connect to any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

All call handling is controlled via the headset enabling the user to answer, end and put on hold voice calls. It has a talk time of up to six hours, a standby time of up to 60 hours and weighs just 18g.

Key features:

Jabra M5390 Multiuse headset: • Bluetooth 2.0 specifications • Operating range of up 70 metres • Up to 6 hours talktime • Up to 60 hours of standby time • Weight: 18g • Dimensions: 118mm x 15mm • Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology/eSCO Bluetooth audio link

Jabra M5390 Multiuse base • Bluetooth 2.0 specifications • Operating range of up to 70 metres • Weight: 138g • Dimensions: 92mm x51mm • Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology/eSCO Bluetooth audio link

Jabra A335w Multiuse Dongle • Bluetooth 2.0 specifications • Operating range of up to 70 metres • Digital sound enhancement via DSP technology/ESCO Bluetooth audio link • Dimensions: 52 x 19 x 9 mm

RRP: $389 including GST

Available: The M5390 is available for consumer purchase through the Westcon Group and 24/7 Distribution.


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