Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

breakfast-eggsbenedict.jpgBlackBerry Storm First Hands On Not sure if I like the sound of that keypad... I guess I'll have to try it for myself.

Wii Ski and Snowboard Uses Balance Board, Looks Amazing Must own - even though I suck at the snowboarding mini games in Wii-Fit.

Buy a Lego Life-Size Replica of Yourself for $US60,000 I doubt that includes the cost of shipping.

Kota the Robo-Triceratops Now Available Not in Australia, of course. Can't wait for the Kota Vs. Pleo Battlemodo...

The One-Handed TP Dispenser is a Butt-Wiping Breakthrough Good to see technology being utilised for the important moments in life.

On a Gigantic Swing, Man Fulfills Complete Flip Dream of a Million Kids I almost crapped myself watching this video. That guy must have balls of steel.

Mazda Kiyora Recycles Rain Water for Drinking Weird idea, but kind of awesome. It would be better if it topped up the water in your wipers first though - I always forget to fill them up.

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