Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast coffee and muffin.jpgNintendo Kills Wii Homebrew With Update, Again, Again, Again It's time for Nintendo and Sony to start embracing their homebrew community, don't you think?

Australia Building Huge Electric Car Grid: 600,000+ Stations By 2012 Shouldn't we get some electric cars first though?

How to Hack Voting Machines for Fun and Profit If there's one thing that shows how flawed the US election system is, it's that these voting machines are still easily hackable, even though that was known after the last election.

DARPA's Acoustic Coagulation Cuff Stops Internal Bleeding with Sound Waves Awesome news for medically minded gadget fans.

10 Gadgets That Provide Perpetual Pleasure Oooh, yeaahhhh!

BlackBerry Web Signals: NYT, Fox News and Other Objective News Pushed to Your Phone Sounds like push notification just landed on the BlackBerry.

AC/DC Excel Spreadsheet Music Video Has Us Thunderstruck Awesome. Just awesome.

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