Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Monday Night

breakfast-fryup.jpgMotorola’s Aura Luxury Phone Given First Groping, General Thumbs-Up
Not sure a $US2000 phone is the way to absolution for Moto, but it looks like a good start!

Violet Mir:ror is USB RFID Enhanced-Reality Gizmo for Your Gadgets
Seems like it would be ore work than its worth…

Scientists Record Music of Stars, Spookily Like a Star Trek Sound Effect
Would have been even spookier is it sounded like John Williams’ score to Star Wars

iPhone Could Hit $US99, Analyst Says
This guy should take up psychiatry, then he could practice therapy as well, becoming a full-fledged Analrapist (Gotta love Arrested Development).

Windows 7 Pre-Beta Details Leak
Nothing’s getting me excited here. How about you?

Ultimate Perv Tech Creates Model of Your Naked Body Using Photo of You Fully Clothed
Finally, a future I can be happy raising children in…

Amazing Origami Star Trek, Star Wars Spaceships Make Good Use of Dollars
Bet you can’t do this with our crappy plastic money…