BlackBerry Pearl Flip Hitting Optus Later This Month

Chances are, you're not going to get a BlackBerry Pearl Flip. If you read Gizmodo, you're much more likely to already own a Bold or be holding out for the Storm. But you might be thinking of getting the Pearl Flip for your girlfriend, wife, mistress, daughter, or other non-blackberry using relation as an entry-level BB device. In which case, the news that the Pearl Flip is launching on Optus within the next week or so is probably worth listening to.

Of course, there are a couple of caveats you should consider before purchase though. Number one is that the phone is only 2.5G - there's no super-fast mobile data speeds here. Technically the phone is EDGE capable, but seeing as how only Telstra has EDGE and the phone is only on Optus (for the moment), that doesn't really help you. The second is that the phone is only available on a $79 business or consumer cap plan for $0 upfront (over 24 months). Which isn't exactly the amount of money you want to be spending on an entry-level smartphone.

But in an attempt to sway your decision, Optus and RIM have created the Flip For It website to try and give you (or your BlackBerry n00b friend) the chance to "experience" the phone before purchase. But is it enough to sway you? Let us know in comments...

[Blackberry Pearl Flip]

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