The Biggest Mo-Fo Of A Printer I've Ever Seen

Sure, it's not really new, and it's almost certainly not the biggest printer in the world, but the HP DesignJet Z6100ps is still one of the largest and meanest looking printers I've ever seen - for some reason it reminds me of a Decepticon hungry for some human suffering.

The 120kg monster measures in at 197 x 96 x 135 cm and is compliant with HP's DreamColor technology, which allows it to recreate one billion colours and if you own a HP DreamColor monitor, what you see on screen is exactly what you'll get printed out, colour-wise.

As you can see the print outs are huge, and the quality is pretty sweet. And if you want to own one for yourself (perhaps for some form of world-domination plot), they cost about $US12,495.

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