Telstra Offering Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband

Telstra Offering Pre-Paid Wireless Broadband

Telstra wireless internet.jpgNeed some wireless internet love, but without the hassles of a 24-month contract? Have oodles of money to spend? Then Telstra’s got the pre-paid wireless internet solution for you!

The Big T has released its own pre-paid wireless internet solution. For $149 you get yourself that wireless modem you see in the pic above, plus $10 worth of credit. The cost of the actual data varies, ranging from $20 for 150MB to $100 for 6GB.

Credit expires within 30 days. Unless you buy some more credit that is, in which case it carries over to the next month.

We bag Telstra’s data pricing (and rightly so), but for some people, the Big T is the only option, especially in outback Australia. So it’s good to see them offering pre-paid for those customers who wouldn’t necessarily have the coin to sign away two years of their life on wireless data.

[via Lifehacker and Tipster Stuart – Thanks Stuart!]