Sony's 9.9mm Thin ZX1 LCD TV Heading To Oz Early 2009

Jesus had a nice up close look at the ZX1 TV from Sony back at IFA a few weeks ago, and his response was pretty similar to our own after seeing it at UCHI this week: Wow.

The TV, which manages its ultra-slim body by outsourcing its TV components to a separate box, only needs a single power cable to power the screen. It connects to the other box - which includes all the same connections and controls you'd find on a Bravia TV - using a proprietary wireless technology from Sony. Apparently it doesn't interfere with any of your other wireless techs (like your garage door or wireless headphones), and the box can be hidden away up to 15 metres away. The screen itself is stunning, showcasing Full HD images at 100Hz. I asked the rep from Sony when we can expect to see models with Sony's new 200Hz technology, or direct wireless internet access, and I was told we can expect things like 200Hz to be introduced in the 2nd or 3rd generation of the ZX series, while the wireless internet functionality really depends on the state of broadband in Australia.

There's no word on pricing, but it's almost certainly going to be pricey. It's expected to cost $US4500 when it launches in the US, and if that's true it will likely approach $6K locally.

[UCHI on Giz]

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