Sony Ericsson’s C905 Spotted At UCHI

Sony Ericsson’s C905 Spotted At UCHI

Sony have a mandate to have 90% of their products networked connected within the next couple of years. That’s a pretty big task, no matter who you ask, but one that the company is actually moving towards fairly quickly thanks to a little technology we like to call DLNA.

The first Sony Ericsson phone to feature DLNA is the C905 Cybershot snapper, which comes with Wi-Fi, an 8.1-megapixel snapper (and typical camera functions like face detect, BestPic and a Xenon flash).

Connected to other DLNA devices on your network, you can use the C905 to access and view content stored on your PC, PS3 or other DLNA device. Or, you can access content (like photos) from your phone on your PS3, without having to plug it in.

The C905 is looking to land in Australia in October. And if you happen to be a Mac user and therefore aren’t impressed with the whole DLNA thing, then you’ll be happy to know that the C905 is also one of the first Sony Ericsson phones that is OS agnostic – so you’ll be able to sync your content between your phone and your MacBook.

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