Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Peripheral Prices

One of things that always bugged me about the Xbox 360 was that after spending a heap of cash on the console, you'd still need to fork out another $170 just so you could get online wirelessly without running an Ethernet cable through the house. Fortunately, Microsoft have come to their sense and dropped the price of many of its peripherals - including the wireless network adapter. Now you can play 360 over your home wireless network for just... $150. That's right, it's a saving of $20!

Of course, I'm being slightly petty in my sarcasm there, considering the price drop also takes the 360's universal remote down to $30 (from $50), and the wireless steering wheel from $200 to $150. Other savings include the Xbox 360 headset ($50 to $30) and the 120GB hard drive ($230 to $200).

Any price reduction is a god, thing, so good to see Microsoft pass these on. I still just wish that wireless was built-in to the 360 - no matter what you say, $130 is an expensive pricetag for such a small little dongle, especially when both the PS3 and the Wii have the same tech inside for free.

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