HP Is All About The Imprints

Special Ed dv4_Top.jpgAs part of their Engage. Excite. Experience conference in Hong Kong this week, HP showed off their new range of imprint designs for their consumer lineup of notebooks.

The four new designs can be found on their new consumer notebook lineup, including the HDX range and the dv series. The imprint you see above is called Intensity, and is a special edition version with a limited run on cetain dv4 notebooks, while the other three designs can be seen below:Renewal: Special Ed dv5_Top.jpgRenewal is available on the dv5 laptop as a special edition print.

Fluid: HDX18 NB_Top.jpgThe Fluid design can be found on the new HDX series of top-end notebooks.

Intersect: Pavilion dv3500 NB_Left.jpgIntersect is available on the dv notebook lineup, including the dv4, dv5 and dv3500.

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