Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night

breakfast-coffee.jpgNew Pioneer 50-inch, 60-inch Plasma TVs Show Off Deep, Deep Blacks
Damn… I want one of these, but who’s got that kind of coinage lying around?

Garmin Has Style Lapse: Releases Faux-Diamond Enhanced Nuvi GPSs
Bad Garmin! Bad Garmin! Don’t put fake crystals on satnavs! No! That’s a bad Garmin!

PhoneSaber Strikes Back, Returns as LightSaber Unleashed
Vvvvsssssshooooo. Vvvvvvvvvvshhhhooooooom. Haha! I’m a Jedi again!

Gizmondo 2 Runs Android, But Only If Anyone Ever Turns One On
It’s like water torture in handheld gaming form. Why, God, Why?

Altec Lansing’s Redesigned Speakers and iPod Docks Get Retro, Manly Look
Manly iPod speakers? I’m in!

Windows 7 Beta 1 Coming in December (Probably)
I wonder how well it will dispell the inadequacies of Vista…