Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

breakfast-pancakes.jpg2008 Science Visualisation Challenge: Amazing Images Show Science Like You Should
So that’s what science looks like! I was thinking it looked more like Professor Frink from The Simpsons

24 Hour Air Traffic Around the World Blows Minds, Eyeballs
Wow. Australia just doesn’t compete when it comes to air travel, does it?

40GB Playstation 3 Price Drop Coming on Sunday
No idea if this will follow on to Australia, but seeing as how my local Harvey Norman only had 40GB models this weekend, I’ve got my fingers crossed.

Ditch the Plasma and Hang Six PCs on the Wall
An idea for a new reality TV show: Geek eye for the normal guy.

First Look at the XM25, the Most Lethal Army Gun Ever
If only that much time and money was spent on education…

Walmart Shutting Down Music Store DRM Servers, Umpteenth Reminder to Not Buy DRM’d Content
When will these companies learn? DRM DOES NOT WORK!

Rumour: Apple TV Changes Afoot
Here’s hoping they add a TV tuner.