Another One Bites The Dust - Philips Pulls Out Of Australian TV Market

It's another sad day for consumer tech fans, with Philips announcing that they're pulling out of the Australian TV market. That means that if you want to get some Ambilight action, you should probably head out to your local Harvey Norman sooner rather than later.

The move isn't too much of a surprise, following the company's decision to pull out of North America back in April, as well as Hitachi's Australian AV death earlier in the year.

Current managed to have a chat with Matt Moran, Philips' Lifestyle GM, and he told them that the decision was based upon "global direction". I guess with prices dropping so substantially over the past few years, it's becoming harder and harder for these "smaller" players to keep up.

All hope is not lost however - at this stage it looks like the move only effects TVs in Australia and New Zealand, so all your other Philips-related gadgetry should still be available when the company ceases TV distribution on December 31 this year.

[Current - Thanks Adam]

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