The Boob Tube Brings Class Back To Beer Bongs (Yeah, Right)

BT_product.gifAre you looking to create a reputation as a sleazy douchebag fun-loving ladies man? Then why not become the life of the party with the Boob Tube beer bong? It works just like any other beer bong, except instead of sucking on a cut-off piece of garden hose, you can suck on a breast-shaped piece of plastic!

Or, if you're that way inclined, you could always check out the Dong Bong. If you aren't sure what bodty part that one's shaped after, hit the NSFW link at the bottom of the post.

The best part is that in today's internet age, photos of you sucking down the amber fluid from a plastic organ will almost certainly end up online, giving you the reputation you always wanted.

Both are available online for US$22.95.

[Sexy Beer Bongs (slightly NSFW link) via Nerd Approved]

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