Sony's New Walkman Out-Shuffles The Shuffle

Sony walkman.jpgIf, for some unknown reason, you did want to jump on board the new Sanity music store, you'd need an MP3 player that supports DRM WMA files and sports Microsoft's Plays For Sure badge. Sony's latest Walkman, the NWZ-B130F would be a very good place to start.

For just $69 of your hard-earned dollars, you get a device with 2GB of memory (there's also a 1GB model for $49), 16 hours worth of music playback, an OLED screen, FM radio with recording, voice recording, drag and drop music interface and Sony's awesome 3-minute charge for 3 hours' playback.

Considering a 2GB iPod Shuffle costs $89, this is actually a really good value piece of kit and well worth the look for those seeking a budget MP3 player.


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