Samsung S3 Uses LEDs to Get Your Attention

Samsung are one of the few companies outside of Apple who really take their MP3 players seriously. That's why their S3 looks like such a promising little music player.

The guys from the US had a look at the S3 back in April, but Samsung has just announced that they're releasing it in Australia. That means we get an MP3 player that will play back MP3, WMA, OGG, MPEG4,.JPG and TXT files, will let you drag and drop files onto the device, and comes in a range of colours (pink, white, blue and black) and capacities (up to 8GB). It also uses LEDs to light up the controls, which looks cool, as you can see from the picture.

The pricing's a bit weird though: $129 for 2GB, $149 for 4GB and $209 for 8GB. I mean, who's going to opt for just 2GB when an extra 20 bucks gets you double the storage? Hopefully nobody reading this, that's for sure...


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