Qantas Jumps On The iPhone Jet, Hopes It Doesn't Fall Out Of The Sky

qantas iphone.jpgA few years agio at CeBit in Sydney, you could gain entry be scanning a barcode that you'd received via MMS on your phone. It was awesome. Then it disappeared, never to be heard of (by me) again. But now, according to Danny Gorog over at APC, the next generation of that tech is on its way to iPhone users around the country, with Qantas developing ways for you to check in to your flight using your iPhone.

It's still a little while away yet, so in the meantime you'll have to settle for just being able to browse the Qantas website in a format especially designed for your iPhone. ANZ and NineMSN are also jumping on the iPhone-friendly website bandwagon, although both only have limited functionality as well at the moment.

The real question is though - is this just a few companies trying to leech some of the iPhone's neverending hype machine, or are they trying to create a truly convenient service using the iPhone's impressive feature set? Only time will tell...

[Qantas for iPhone via APC Mag]

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