Palm Treo Pro Is a Telstra Exclusive

From what the guys in the US were saying, the Palm Treo Pro is a handy little phone. Sure, it runs Windows Mobile, but that's not all bad, right? Right?

Anyway, in case you were wondering what kind of Palm Treo Pro love you could expect in Australia (and I know that's exactly what you were thinking), know that the new smartphone is available exclusively through Telstra, complete with customised BigPond icons and everything.

It will hit shelves late September (which means you'll probably forget all about it by the time it's released) for an RRP of $929. "Whoa!" I hear you exclaim. "That's a bit pricey!". Well, it will also be available on a range of plans, including $0 up front on an $80 monthly contract for 2 years. As you'd expect, Telstra's data charges will still apply.


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