New JBL On Stage iPod Docks Look Like Those Little Wheeled Robots On The Death Star In Star Wars

jbl onstage.jpgDesign Guy 1: Hey dude, I was watching A New Hope last night, and I had the best freakin' idea. Design Guy 2: What? Build a Death Star? DG1: No, man. You remember those little robot wheelie things that run around the Death Star, making funny noises? DG2: Yeah, I think so. DG1: Well, what if we made an iPod dock that looked just like one of those things, except without the wheels, and with a silver grill around it? DG2: Are you high? DG1: On life! DG2: Let's do it!...And thus (in my mind at least) the latest JBL On Stage iPod docks were born. The On Stage 200ID and 400ID both accept pretty much any iPod, and charge your device as well. Only the 200ID will accept your iPhone though, so make sure you check the sticker before you drop your wad of cash.

But they don't come cheap - the 400ID will set you back $450 while the 200ID (which hits shelves in September) will cost $340.

Full release is below:


JBL On Stage 200ID and JBL On Stage 400ID loudspeaker dock bring the best out of your iPod.

Sydney 30 July 2008 . JBL®, Inc., the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers for home and car, and of multimedia speaker systems for MP3 players and computers, is proud to unveil the Australian release of the JBL On Stage* 200ID and the JBL On Stage 400ID systems. The latest additions to the JBL line of high-performance iPod docking speakers or stations, the JBL On Stage 200ID and 400ID systems deliver powerful crisp sound and feature an attractive contemporary design. Both are feature-rich and come equipped with IR remotes for iPod track selection, menu navigation and volume control; a mini stereo jack for non-iPod products is also included.

Incorporating the Apple® iPod Universal Dock adapter, the JBL On Stage 200ID and 400ID systems are compatible with all docking iPod models. The JBL On Stage 400ID system charges a docked iPod (even when the system is off), while its OnePoint design enables connectivity with a USB 2.0 cable for synchronising an iPod with a Mac® or PC.

The JBL On Stage 200ID system adds iPhoneTM compatibility, enabling both iPhone and iPod charging (even with the system off), while its OnePoint design enables connectivity with a USB 2.0 cable for synchronising an iPhone or an iPod with a Mac or PC. Both units have built-in mini stereo jacks and additional cables for connecting to other digital music player devices, CD players, gaming devices, laptops and desktop computers.

Each unit integrates superior sound, stunning design and outstanding functionality, weighs slightly less than one kilogram, and has a footprint of only 359mm by 64mm. The JBL On Stage 200ID system is equipped with two 10-watt Phoenix transducers; they provide distinct high frequencies, as well as low-frequency extension for clear, deep bass. For music fans who want even more power, the JBL On Stage 400ID system features four 15-watt Odyssey® transducers for accurate high frequencies, while its 30-watt AtlasTM subwoofer pumps clean, powerful bass. The JBL On Stage 200ID and 400ID units, which are perfect for the home or office, let users experience almost anywhere a personal concert from an iPhone (200ID model only), iPod or laptop.

"We are pleased to welcome the latest additions to the already iconic On Stage family in the new form of the JBL On Stage 200ID and JBL On Stage 400ID. With audio performance driving the design, the On Stage 200ID and 400ID offer consumers the best sound from their iPod and other devices", says Richard Metcalfe, International Brand Director for Harman Consumer Group International's Multimedia and Headphone division.

Availability The JBL On Stage 400ID is now available at major retailers and IT and Audio resellers at a suggested retails price of $449.95 Inc GST. The On Stage 200ID will be available in Australia in September at a suggested retail price of $339.95 Inc GST.

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