Lightning Review: Samsung 46-Inch Series 6 LCD TV

Lightning Review: Samsung 46-Inch Series 6 LCD TV

The Gadget: Samsung’s 46-inch Series 6 LCD TV.
Price: The RRP’s $3,849, although you can pick it up cheaper in the shops.Verdict:One of the best pictures I’ve seen on an LCD, and for the first time makes me question my preference for plasma over LCD.

I’ve been playing around with this TV for about two weeks now, and the more I use it, the more I get used to its position in my loungeroom. It’s a very stylish TV – it features that whole “Touch of Colour” infusion with a hint of red lacing the TV’s frame. While the red tones fit quite well in my lounge, it might not suit everyone, so be aware before you drop your cash on this.

That you should open your wallet for this is a fairly easy decision. The 1080p picture quality from a Full HD source is breathtaking, and even SD Foxtel – which is often critisised for its compression artifacts, looks a lot better on this screen than it does on most other TVs I’ve seen. Watching I Am Legend on Foxtel Box Office HD was stunning (purists note that the movie was only 1080i – but still, most people can’t tell the difference between the two).

It’s not all perfect though – despite the 100Hz Motion technology, there were still moments that fast moving people or vehicles on screen seemed disconnected from the rest of the shot. The Olympics, as well as the Bledisloe Cup match in Sydney several weeks ago also displayed some of this quality. It’s still nowhere near as bad as fast moving action used to suffer when LCD tech was young, but it is noticeable.

Sound quality from the built-in speakers isn’t fantastic either – almost tinny at points, it also requires you to crank it up to here the details of the soundtrack.

A couple of other niggly points which I didn’t like, but wouldn’t effect my purchase decision really – it can take an age to wake up from standby (as in 15-20 seconds) and, because of the frame’s design, a Wii sensor bar struggles to maintain contact with the sharp corners of the set.

But overall, this is one of the best LCDs I’ve ever watched. Now I just need to decide whether I want it or still want the best Plasma in the world