Engin To Get Naked (DSL)

Engin To Get Naked (DSL)

VoIP is good and stuff, but nine times out of ten it isn’t worth the effort (or the cost). Which is probably why Engin has been struggling in recent times.

To try and remedy this situation, Engin are planning on entering the Naked DSL market. Other naked DSL offerings include free VoIP services with their networks, so the move isn’t exactly surprising.

The plan is to launch the broadband services in October, according to their website, although there isn’t a lot of information on where the service will be available.

The mre companies offering the ability to get online and make cheap phone calls without line rental, the better in my opinion. Hopefully the pricing offered from Engin will be nice and competitive when it launches in a couple of months.

[via MIS Australie]