Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night


US$999.99 iPhone App 'I Am Rich' Probably Only Applies to Developer Part of me actually feels sorry for the fools that waste their money on this.

Scrapwood Electric Guitars Expose the Illusion of Rock Can't wait to see the "Make your own guitar" option in Guitar Hero...

Tour Tokyo's Tech Paradise, Now On Google Street View To all those people wondering what Street View is good for - This is what it's good for!

Is This the World's Greatest Gaming Rig? Why stop here? There should be a "giant screen" gaming competition, using the big screens at stadiums and stuff. That'd be cool.

Radiohead's House of Cards Video Rendered in 3D Using Lego Radiohead and Lego? Sold!

Study: Average Mac Computer Price More That Twice That of Average PC Fanboys! Start your engines!

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