Apple TV Gets A Price Drop

Apple TV Gets A Price Drop

Apple TV sale.png

Not sure when this happened, but considering Apple launched movie downloads on iTunes this morning it’s probably a recent decision… Apple TV has finally gotten a much-needed price drop in Australia.

The 40GB model, which used to retail for $449, now costs $329, while the 160GB model drops from $579 to $449.

That’s still a fairly big markup on the US$229 and US$329 prices in the States, but still, it makes the Apple TV a much more attractive option. It also makes it the only attractive option in Australia for VOD direct to your TV (outside of Foxtel’s On Demand).

Now that it has some practical uses here thanks to the ability to buy/rent movies or buy TV shows online from the comfort of your loungeroom, are any of you guys going to go and make the purchase? Or are you holding out for a Netflix-like Roku box?

[AppleThanks Alex!]