3 Launches iPhone Plans, Without An iPhone...

Despite the fact that they launched a petition to Apple to get the iPhone for their customers, 3 still can't sell you an iPhone. But thanks to Optus letting you unlock their pre-paid iPhones, we know that you can get an iPhone working on 3's network anyway, no hacking required.

So, in what can only be considered a brilliant move (under the circumstances) they've launched plans specifically for the iPhone - where you supply the iPhone.

What's more, they'll actually pay you for your iPhone. That's right! 3 will actually offset some of the cost of buying a pre-paid Optus iPhone outright and unlocking it so you can use it on 3.

So, you can spend $809 (8GB) or $949 (16GB) to get an unlocked iPhone, and when you take it to 3, they'll give you $300. The catch, of course, is that you need to sign up to a 24 month contract.

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