TiVo Gets Announced... Does Anybody Care?

We knew it was happening, but Channel 7 today officially launched the Australian version of TiVo. We weren't there, but we've grabbed a copy of the press release and had a read of Asher Moses' piece on SMH, and have to say that we're not inspired.

For a start, the press release is full of smacktalk. Now, I know Channel 7 enjoys the smacktalk, but in a press release? Have a read for your self:

"The TiVo HD DVR brings you all the features, and more, that until now were only available to pay television customers. Why pay monthly fees for pay television when 56% of pay television viewing is on the free channels anyway?"

But the real disappointment isn't in the press release. It's in the details. Like the fact that some of TiVo's core features will be gimped at launch, only to be switched on at a later date for a fee in the "tens of dollars". 

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