The Auckland iPhone 3G Party – In Pictures

The Auckland iPhone 3G Party – In Pictures
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That photo above is of the world’s first iPhone 3G customer, Jonny Gladwell, moments before he purchased New Zealand (and the world’s) first iPhone 3G. The media scrum was enormous – you would have thought that Russel Crowe had just chucked a phone at the New Zealand Prime Minister the way they were packing in. At least the All Blacks will have some backup forwards in their media cameramen…

There was a DJ from George FM (no, us neither) mixing up the tunes on a couple of 1st gen iPhones, which was pretty awesome. The atmosphere was pretty good, although the sheer number of people hanging around that were neither media or in the queue was insane – they weren’t mocking though, they were just watching (and taking photos on their mobile phones).

Below the fold there’s a whole heap of extra photos from the launch party.

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[iPhone 3G Launch on Giz] Special Thanks to Steve from TomyZone and the guys from Polar Bear Farm!]