Telegram Lets You Send Voice Messages For Free

Telegram Lets You Send Voice Messages For Free

ComposeScreen.pngThe guys sitting 10th in the queue to pick up their iPhone 3G in Auckland last night weren’t just Apple fans keen on getting the new handset first – they were a couple of New Zealand developers and their new app, Telegram, was among one of the first Staff Picks on the iTunes App Store.

Telegram has a simple concept at its heart – wouldn’t it be cool if you could send short voice messages to other people as well as SMS and email. It’s even cooler when you consider that typing on the iPhone, while simple, can be time consuming.

Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store, you just set up an account, and then look for other users with Telegram. You compose a message much like an SMS by entering a contact person, and you can add more information like an email with subjects or events. Then you record a voice message up to 30 seconds long and send it to them.

It works seamlessly, and for just $12.99, it’s well worth checking out.

[Polar Bear Farm – Thanks Guy!]