Sydney’s New Googleplex Under Construction

Sydney’s New Googleplex Under Construction

The guys from ZDnet went on a photographic excursion yesterday to the site of Google’s new offices down in Pyrmont, Sydney.

The building reportedly cost $50 million to build, and will be shared between Google and global IT services company Accenture. It will also be the first building in NSW to be awarded a six-star environmental rating.

Although the building still appears far from complete, apparently Google are planning on moving in at some point in October this year. Of course, only time will tell what kinds of awesome furniture and fun design the Sydney office will feature. Hopefully we’ll be able to get an inside look when the team moves in later this year.

For a full gallery of the construction, head on over to ZDnet.

[ZDnetThanks Renai (Photo credit to ZDnet as well)]