Samsung Puts Rocks In Your Lounge Room

samsung pebble.jpgIf Blu-ray had actually done the job right, it would have marched on after its bloody victory over HD DVD and taken the battle to the armies of DVD with the goal of vanquishing the last-gen technology to the Hades of the tech world. Instead, it stood around cheering and big-noting itself. Now, DVD is preparing to take the next-gen format by surprise with a stealth attack in the form of the Samsung F1080 upscaling DVD player.

Okay, so it isn't that stealthy, and it isn't that violent, but the F1080 is a very attractive piece of kit, especially for a DVD player. It features Samsung's AnyNet+ technology and touch sensitive controls, which is always a nice addition to home theatre kit. Plus it will upscale your DVDs, bringing a pseudo-HD experience to your loungeroom.

And the price? $199. That may seem a bit pricey for a DVD player these days, but that's the price you pay for style, I guess.


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