Online At The World iPhone Launch

Online At The World iPhone Launch

Here at the worldwide launch of the iPhone 3G in Auckland New Zealand, there was a slight problem – wireless internet. Considering the first 10 people lined up pretty much all have their laptops with them (some of them are coding applications for the App Store while they wait – talk about commitment), this was a major problem.

Fortunately for everybody, the guy sitting in number seven of the queue has connections. And we mean that quite literally – he’s Steve Simms, CEO of Tomizone. After a couple of phone calls, he’d literally setup a wireless hotspot for everyone to get online through, and started handing out the free Wi-Fi vouchers. We have one word for you Steve: Champion!

But if you thought that was good – it gets even better:

Steve actually has a 3G iPhone already. He’s just queuing up to pick up some more for the rest of his team. How did he get his early? Did I mention he has connections? He’s hooked up with Woz – they play segway polo together. In fact, Steve’s segway was perched just behind the queue.

On top of owning his own iPhone 3G and giving free wireless internet, Tomizone is also giving ongoing free internet connection for iPhone users through its 400-odd hotspots throughout Australia. That’s an awesome deal, especially if you’re not going to be going with Telstra, who are also giving free Wi-Fi away.

On top of that, they’ve got a new Tomizone app launching with the App Store tonight. Download it for free, install it on your iPhone, then enter your login details once, and then every time you need to connect through a Tomyzone hotspot, it’s a one-touch connect.

I’ll be chatting to a few more developers as the night goes on. Stay tuned!

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