Nikon D700 DSLR Priced For Australia

You know the Nikon D700 that was announced last week? The mid-range DSLR that has photographers around the world salivating at the prospect of a full-frame sensor in a compact, lightweight body? Well, it's been priced for Australia - and we've been given the short end of the stick.

The camera, which sells for US$2,999 in the States, will set you back $3,999 in Australia. And unless I'm mistaken (and I don't think that I am), that's the price for the body-only kit. That's a mark up of about $880 at the current exchange rate. Consider: with that $880, you could buy the new SB-900 speedlite (worth $749) that Nikon is launching alongside the D700. Kind of makes grey importing all that more attractive, doesn't it?

Both the D700 and the SB-900 are landing July 25. Now all we need is for Canon to come to the party with the 5D Mark II, and we'll be in mid-range DSLR heaven.


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