Movies Coming To iTunes Within The Month

Movies Coming To iTunes Within The Month

Our good friend Gus from Lifehacker has an incredible scoop over at APC – Apple will be selling movies on iTunes within the next month. His source is chief operating officer of iiNet, Mark White, who told him that despite the increased file sizes involved with movie downloads, iiNet will still have unmetered downloads for iTunes.

That means that once you’ve paid your money to buy the film, you don’t actually have to pay again for the bandwidth required to download it.

The agreement has been in place for some time, although there’s a substantial difference between downloading a few songs and downloading a movie.The article mentions movie sales specifically, not movie rentals, although that could just be the wording involved. It also mentions that iiNet are in discussions with a few of the TV networks locally to try and bring unmetered content with “catch-up” TV, although which networks weren’t actually mentioned.

And of course, the news didn’t come from Apple, so there’s no word on pricing or availabilty. Still, alongside last month’s release of TV shows on iTunes, if you’ve got an Apple TV hidden under the telly, you might want to dust it this month, just in case. Then switch over to iiNet.

[APCThanks Gus!]