iPhone 3G Unlocked And Working On 3

iPhone 3G Unlocked And Working On 3
iPhone on 3.jpg
Up until today, there was absolutely no way of knowing whether or not an unlocked iPhone 3G would work on other networks like 3 – even 3 themselves had no idea. Fortunately, thanks to MacTalk.com.au forum member tryandbyte, we now know that you can, in fact, have your iPhone and eat some decent data plans too.

It’s hardly the cheapest option, or the simplest, but if you purchase an iPhone 3G outright and pay an unlocking fee to Optus (It’s $80), you can update your iPhone to work with other carriers.

If you’re interested to see more screengrabs and read all about the unlocking process, head on over to the MacTalk forums.

UPDATE: Reader Simon has informed us that it also works on an unlocked Telstra iPhone, with evidence available on the MacTalk forums

[Thanks Kieran!]