Shay's back and he's pulling an iPhone all-nighter

Evenin' folks. For those with goldfish memories, I was captain of this ship until late last year. Tonight, I'm back to give Nick a hand while he's being Mr "I'm so important I get to go be the first of the first in New Zealand". I'll be hitting the Sydney queues from about 10.30pm and then keeping tabs on the progress outside Optus, T[life] , Vodafone, and Apple Store. The name of the game is whether we can take a straw poll on (a) just how many people actually care enough to come out tonight and (b) which network is going to actually sell the most units. My bet's with Optus, what with offering the closest thing to plans that actually show a thin margin of respect for the way a customer might want to use this 'device'.

Maybe if we stop calling it a phone these networks will better understand what it is we think is so damn good about this thing!

Back later from the queues... if you're out in the lines, I'll be skulking around in a big white hoodie. Feel free to say Hi.

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