HD On Austar? Don’t Hold Your Breath

HD On Austar? Don’t Hold Your Breath

All you city-dwellers out there – spare a thought for your poor, unfortunate rural brethren. For while you dine on the feast of High Definition delights afforded to you from Foxtel HD and the free-to-air TV channels, they have to rely on Austar, which has decided to take the “slow and steady and maybe not at all” approach to HD.

According to Australian IT today, Austar CEO John Porter has stated that launching HD channels on Austar probably won’t happen any time soon, as they are struggling to find a financial model that will actually make them money from new subscribers.

Although – just to confuse us all – he then stated that they will probably still release a HD-capable PVR in the 3rd quarter of 2009, although they may not accompany the hardware with any HD programming.

content agnostic

“Slowly we’ll introduce HD and web-based services and those kind of
things. But technology for technology’s sake just because
it’s available – we can’t afford to do that sort of thing.”

It’s a sad day for Austar subscribers everywhere.

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