Edifier’s Portable iPod Speaker Also Works With the iPhone

Edifier’s Portable iPod Speaker Also Works With the iPhone

Next to my bed sits an iPod speaker. An expensive iPod speaker I might add. It has pretty good sound quality, looks funky and has an RF remote control, which means I can control my tunes from the other side of the house, which is surprisingly useful.

So imagine my disappointment to find that it doesn’t work with the iPhone. It will charge the iPhone, but if I want to listen to music, I have to pull out my old iPod Photo. Disappointing is an understatement.

It goes to show that more expensive isn’t always better – the new iF330 from Edifier is not only lightweight enough to carry with you, runs on AC or battery power and works with both iPods and iPhones, it comes in for just $99.95. It may not have the RF remote, but would you really expect it to for that price?

Of course, there’s no mention of any shielding from GSM interference either, and for the price I probably wouldn’t expect it. But I have to admit I am intrigued. Maybe I’ll get one in for review to see how it fares as a bedside iPod dock…