Dell And Gizmo Get It On For Home Computing Support

If only John Mayer's dad lived in Australia and owned a Dell. Then all of John Mayer's dad's tech support questions could have been easily answered by the good folks at Gizmo.

You see, today Dell and Gizmo announced that they were going to get intimate, with Gizmo services like setting up your Dell PC or setting up a wireless network available as an optional extra when purchasing a new Dell machine.

While it's highly unlikely that anybody reading this would need tech support to set up their own computer, this could be the kind of thing that you purchase for your own mum or dad when buying them a PC, so you can save yourself the 1,742 phone calls about how to get the computer working or, in John Mayer's case, finding an application.

Pricing is a bit on the expensive side, but look at it this way: they have to put up with all of those inane questions from old people so you don't have to. Isn't that worth something?

Pricing is below:

Stand alone services include:

Set Me Up - providing assistance with setting-up new Dell computers, transferring files or installing hardware and software for AUD$149. Network Me - providing assistance with setting-up wireless networks and the devices connected to them, such as Dell laptops and Dell wireless printers, for AUD$169.

Combined services include: Set Me Up and Network Me - providing assistance setting-up Dell computers and creating a new home network for the special price of AUD$243.50. Set Me Up and Show Me - providing assistance setting-up Dell computers and training for an hour on how to use them for the special price of AUD$223.50.

As I hinted: Not so expensive if you consider the frustration you'll be avoiding.


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