Any iPhone 3G you like, so long as it’s white

Any iPhone 3G you like, so long as it’s white

UPDATE: The trend continues, with Vodafone revealing to Gizmodo
that the (reportedly very fast) sales through their online orders have
had an 80:20 preference toward the black over the white. It seems black
is, as ever, the REAL new black!

It seems Apple’s white iPhone 3G is more white elephant than white hot. At the Optus queue, where at 5.00am the store is closing in on its 300th customer (if not there already), some in the queue have been warned by the time they get to the counter there may only be white left in 16GB.

Given the store had 500 units to begin with, and close to 200 up its sleeve, there is a very clear preference for black over white. Even at a roughly even distribution of 8GB and each of the two 16GB varieties it is sounding like the white is turning out to be very unpopular.

So if you make a play for Hunter St before you head to work, we really hope you like white… and if this trend continues, we could be seeing shortages based more on people’s rejection of the white, and others feeling like they’ve had to settle for second best.