Meet The Sony Ericsson C702 – My Nemesis For Today

Meet The Sony Ericsson C702 – My Nemesis For Today

Last week I had a catchup with the guys from Sony Ericsson to see where they were at. They spoke a bit about their upcoming handsets, trends in the marketplace, opinions on the iPhone (they think its good for the market in general), and then gave me a C702 and a C902 to take home and play with.

The C902 is fantastic, although it doesn’t sync with my iMac. The C702, on the other hand, is proving to be the Joker to my Batman; the EU to my Microsoft; the Creative Zen to my iPod… that’s right – it has become my nemesis.

The problem is, that even with that lock turned into the open position, I can’t get the case off. I’ve pushed. I’ve pulled. I’ve strained and I’ve twisted. I’ve contorted my face with the kind of effort that you generally only get from a bad case of constipation. And even now, the thing won’t budge.

I even did something I hardly ever do – I resorted to the manual. Nothing. I pulled out the M2 card slot cover in the hopes that would make it easier. Nothing.

And so now I sit here, muscles full of lactic acid, fingers cramped into awkward positions, sweat dripping from my brow as I face my nemesis. I am considering drastic measures. Is a claw hammer too far? Or do I restrict my efforts to a butter knife?

At least now I know how they stop the dust and water from getting in. It’s by keeping everything out. Including my SIM card.

(NB – if anybody has any tips for opening the back of this frickin’ phone, I’m all ears)